Terms & Conditions

1. If you have more items than stated on your listing then extra charges may be incurred.
2. Big items (wardrobes, beds, etc.) which are too big for your stairs or doors have to be dismantled and ready to load. We are providing dismantling and assembling service, but extra charges will apply.
3. Make sure that all your stuff is packed properly and ready to load. If we come and we need to wait until you finish your packing extra charges will apply.
4. You need to be honest with your inventory so that we can give you the best possible quote.
5. Payment must be made in cash on collection or delivery unless agreed in advance.
6. If we have to wait more than 30 minutes at either collection or delivery address, waiting charge of £20 per 30 minutes will be applied.
7. No job will be booked in until you have completed all details on your job listing, including contact telephone numbers & full postal address for both collection and delivery addresses, plus full list of items.
8. Most importantly if you engage us to do a job for you, we will do it to your satisfaction, with maximum professionalism that will meet your needs no matter how small or big the bid might be.

We would be more than happy to do business with you.